February 13th 2011


  • John
  • Sheena
  • Jen
  • Cora
  1. What are we doing this year? Planning/advertising
    • Change the meeting schedule- this is not working for everyone
    • We need more events where there is fun and more spiritual events as well
  2. Retreat
    • Not on may long- possibly in June
    • One day- not at camp, out in the country, possibly at St. Mark’s / Rosslyn Cora’s house for BBQ/ bonfire- June 4th
    • Bigger retreat in fall
    • Go Friday night over to Sat night- end with a Eucharist/ service with Nancy to wrap things up – then BBQ etc.
    • Themes? – Peace?
  3. Ministry at the mall
    • Synod year- makes things tough
    • We still want to do this- we will have hired people to use
  4. What do we want to do?
    • Bible study every week or every second week for two months to see if it works with pizza.

December 8th 2010


  1. Bowling
  2. New year planning- church hopping, meetings, events
  3. 30hr famine? April 8-9
  4. Bible Study- John


  • John
  • Cora
  • Sheena
  • Jen
  1. Bowling- moved to the 18th
  2. New year planning
    1. Church Hopping- To support Bri
    2. Change meeting night?- No wednesday works good
    3. Events-
      1. tubing
      2. sleighride
      3. Game night
  3. 30hr Famine-
    1. small service
    2. invite north shore
  4. Bible study
    1. John to contact Ed Re: resources
    2. 3 parts
    3. done at Jen’s place if small group
  5. Meetings
    1. no January meeting
    2. YMC meeting Via conference call with Heather- Rent a phone from staples and meet at St. Mike’s

October 20th 2010

  1. Attendance
  2. Meeting Calendar
    a.       Dec. 10th Cosmic bowling cost? Time? Deal? Poster Cora
    b.      2nd Wednesday of every month from 7-9
    c.       Business then bible study
    d.      St. Mikes- Dec.  St.Thomas’ Nov
  3. Deanery Council
    a.       9am, 930am service, 10am start
    b.      Survey from heather
    c.       Deanery report
  4. All-Nighter
    a.       Nov. 12 at St. Thomas’ 6:30pm
    b.      Lazer tag $10 / back to church/ food $10
    c.       POSTER! ASAP/ deanery council/ Sheena
  5. Retreat
    a.       May long
    b.      Algoma, Lutherans?
    c.       Camp G (73), Camp Duncan (80), round lake, Dorion, Kingfisher (46),
  6. Sr. Prom
    a.       At St. Mikes, Koza DJ, formal dance, sell tickets, family/ deanery event, bus, camp G, ACW?
    b.      In the new year (obvs)
  7. Church Hop
    a.       C&YW implemented paid position involve the churches
  8. Shmorgish board
    a.       All we do is sell the tickets and make money!

April 22nd 2009

– Danielle
– Maranda
– Brianna
– Matty
– Jen
– Cora
– Sheena
– Kayla
– Jake

1. Brianna read ‘Dopey the Dinosaur’; very riveting.

2. Church Hopping:
April 26th – St. John’s: 10:30am
May 3rd – Nipigon: 11:00am
May 31st – St. Stephen’s: 10:00am
June 21st – St. George’s: 10:00am

3. Deanery Council has been moved to June 13th in Schriber.

4. May 30th – Heather is doing a workshop on post-modernism in the church. Tell Jen if you can help with worship. There might be a small fee involved.

5. May Long Retreat – No one has told Jen if they are coming yet! GET ON THAT!!
– Similar set up to last year.
– Matty will be in town prior to the retreat
– Can anyone go out on the 15th or before (if possible) to sweep through the cabins and prepare for campers.
– Looking at Pastor Clint to come in and be the worship leader.
Agenda for the Weekend:
Friday: Dinner on your own, not provided.
Saturday: Session that morning and evening
Sunday: Session that morning and evening; closing eucharist
Monday: Morning Prayer

Community Building Activities: Meeting on May 6th with Brianna’s NWOSSSA books to look over games etc.
Wednesday May 6th, 7:30pm @ St. Mikes

Friday Nights Snack:
The DYU will get together to cook the cookies, rice crispies etc THURSDAY MAY 14TH @ 5:30

Breakfast: French Toast and Bacon
Lunch: Grilled Cheese and Chicken Noodle Soup
Dinner: Tacos with vegetables
Dessert: Birthday Cake for Sheena and Ai
Snack: General (cookies, popcorn etc.)
Breakfast: Pancakes and ________ (breakfast meat? eggs?)
Lunch: Hot Dogs and sandwiches (hamburgers? can we use the BBQ?)
Supper: Pasta, Salad, Garlic Bread
Snack: General (see above)
Breakfast: Oatmeal, Cereal, Eggs
Snacks: Leftovers for the road.

April 7th 2009
Present: Jake, Danielle, Sheena, Kayla, Cora, Maranda, Brianna, Jen

1. Deanery Council
– Synod: 3 names and 3 alternates
– April 18th – please be there if you want to be a delegate
– St. Marks – 9 am

2. St. Marks ‘Deanery Day’
– May 39th — Post-Modernism Workshop
– 10-3 pm with Rev. Heather
Youth to help with workshop with Heather when needed

3. Youth Evening Service
Concept is that it would be a rotating evening service every week in contrast to every month.
Questions arising from discussion: will parishes loose youth; families?
Maybe we need more of an integration of youth in services
Recommendations: perhaps once a month at an earlier time instead of a evening service i.e. 2pm

4. Retreat:
– Permission forms have been distributed to churches and available online in PDF forms
– May Long Weekend — May 14-16
–  We are in charge of Community Building and Menu Planning (cake for the birthday girls Sheena and Ai)
– Rev. Nancy need to leave  early

5. Church Hopping:
– April 26: St. Johns @ 10:30 am
– May 3: Nipigon @ 11:00 am
– May 31st: St. Stephens @ 10:00 am
– June 21st: St. Georges @ 10:00 am

6. Bullying Seminar
– We need some volunteers to do a skit during St. Mike’s bullying seminar April 30th
Sheena, Maranda, Cora and Kayla volunteer (yeahhh thanks!!)

– April 22 – St. Mike’s
7:30 Sideroom
Bible Study and Retreat info

November Minutes!

Sorry these have taken so long to get up. Between exams, Christmas and napping, I just haven’t had the time.

We will be starting back up very soon with our DYU events! We have a meeting coming up and some time with the St. Mike’s youth group soon to get the youth service together for the beginning of January. I have completed the first part of our bible study and that will be introduced at the next meeting as well.

It might not be in our immediate future, but hopefully we can add another retreat to our agendas! We’re talking it over with some of the people in SSM and it looks like before we know it, we’ll be putting plans into motion.

Hope this finds everyone well, see you soon!



Tuesday November 18th 2008
DYU Meeting at St. Thomas’
In Attendance


Service at All Nighter– should we try something different? (New Zealand style, old Celtic services, etc.)
– John to do the talk, perhaps.
– John to send out message on Facebook about bringing games/things to do/age appropriate movies etc.
– music: Cora and Sarah. What songs? When during the service?
– discussion talk? Romans Ch 12 (Living Sacrifices). We vote yes.

Youth Service at St Mikes
– to spend 2 Sundays at St. Mikes (one to teach the youth class about doing a service. We would be teaching them how to plan a service and essentially get them involved with the process. Then a second Sunday spent actually putting the service on.)
– music: do we use the choir? Or do we do our own music? Shall we use Cora and Sarah? Decided to not use the choir and lead the music ourselves.
– to perhaps incorporate fresh, modern music.
– we can do songs at the allnighter to prepare us for the service
– Do we do the sermon? Does Peter? Will the Sunday school do a presentation instead?
– BAS service? Ask Peter about different service? Voted yes on BAS.
– planning Sunday on January 25th. Actual service TWO weeks later on the 8th of February.

Bible Study
to begin in the New Year

Upcoming Birthdays– Danielle and Kayla on the 12th
– Jen on the 17thShelter House– confirmed for the 6th of December

Retreat– do we go to the Soo? Do we go half way to Marathon and meet up? Do we have it in Thunder Bay again?
– would need another 25 year old driver to rent a second van

October 14th 2008

Brianna L.
Danielle D.
Maranda D.
Jake R.

1. Open in Prayer
2. Regrets
3. Correspondence
4. Old Business
– Bible Study
– All Nighter
– Sunday at St. Luke’s
– Synod Report
5. New Business
– St. Mike’s Youth Service
– Deanery Council 9:30
– YMC MSN Mtg.
– New Webpage
– e-mail/internet etiquette (**)
– Retreat for May Long weekend in Marathon (**)
6. Next Mtg. Nov.18th/08 St. Stephens
Church Hopping: Sunday, Nov. 16th/08
8:06: Jake opens in prayer

2. Regrets: None

3. Any additions to the agenda? Anything new was added to the above, marked with **

4. Correspondence:
We received a Thank You card from St. Tom’s over helping with the youth group. Also, Elaine Wright from St. Mike’s sent a note of appreciation over the Bishop’s reception. She congratulated us on the ability to work and attitude through out the afternoon.

5. New Business:
Bible Study:
Table until the next meeting, we haven’t had enough time to put the entire bible study. For next meeting, we will be more prepared. Danielle will scan and e-mail the package and e-mail therefore everyone will have a copy and come to the next meeting prepared.

All Nighter (Nov. 28th/29th):
TV is not always locked, Jake is excited to play X-Box. Posters are not as visible as we would have liked. St. Thomas’ has one up however we haven’t seen them up again. St. Mike’s youth group has been given information and permission forms. Jake is going to drive around on Friday and will deliver posters/information. Please promote, we need to know numbers so that we can book this! We’re going to do it as a birthday party therefore we need to know the numbers. Approximately 20-25 people were e-mailed. In the past we have had great numbers in the past, so we want to make sure that we keep that up. It would be ideal to know a week before what the numbers are.

Sunday @ St. Luke’s:
11:00 am service; Kayla, Danielle and Maranda will read. Rev. Judy is super excited.

Synod Report:
We have elected a new Bishop! The Rev. Dr. Stephen Andrews was the Bishop elect. He will not actually start until June as he is currently President and Provost at Thorneloe University and has commitments until the end of the school year. Election went smoothly, with 9 ballots, just enough time for us to celebrate with a dinner with the new Baby Manual.


St. Mike’s Youth Service (Jan 20th??):
We’re not just here as a youth group, but to work with churches with their youth initiatives. We have thought about going to St. Mike’s and running a complete youth service: prayers, readings, offertory, sermon. St. Mike’s is a very receptive church and have an established group so it will be easy to incorporate everyone. Planning time: roughly a month. Brianna will approach both groups and ask for the time to come and to see if we can have that time, also talk to Rev. Peter about the service in general. Will report back for the next meeting.

Deanery Council (9:30am Saturday 18th):
Brianna, Sadie, Jake and Jen will be there as the voices of us. We will talk about the new website, hand out a calendar, outline our plans for the year. We want to ask for an up to date contact list, anything else, please e-mail Brianna, Jake or Jen if you have anything to add.

YMC MSN Meeting:
This Sunday (Oct. 19th) at 3pm. YMC will have a meeting via MSN. Brianna has offered her house and computer for the meeting. Jen will request that the meeting be held at 4pm; she will also bring pizza.

New Webpage:
Brianna has made a webpage with a blogging website. It has a nice mature feel and is very easy to navigate for either someone that is looking to post and to look at. This will be looked at, during Deanery Council. Fresh, fun, presentable.
LINK: https://tbdyu.wordpress.com/

E-mail/Internet Etiquette:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful of your grammar and spelling when you’re e-mailing. These are things going out to churches and should be ‘professional’. If you wouldn’t hand it in to a teacher, don’t send it out. Re-read what you’re writing or let Brianna or Jen know that you don’t want to be the one e-mailing. If we have a facebook thread, please stay on topic and refrain from personal conversations. Sure it’s interesting, but it fills inboxes and doesn’t always make sense.

Speaking with Rev. S and Aly (SSM) and looking to have a theme. Should we have a theme and have it go over two years?

– What if you can’t come to one of the retreats? Does this mean that you’re going to be out of the loop and will have a hard time following? Something to think about and to iron out as we plan.

Things to think about:
– Location (Marathon)
– Time (May Long)
– Theme/Sessions
– how coordinated do we want this to be?

Basically, we’re looking at a similar structure to Youth Synod for those who are not able to partake in YS.

– one on one prayer; learning how to prayer out loud: cabin groups at YS; praying for others as a group
Theme: Actions and Words; Mission; 1 John 3:18; Leadership

Shelter House: Its not that big of a deal, Danielle can tell them two weeks in advance. We won’t all be able to serve dinner, but there are other tasks that can be done within the Shelter House. Will we use their food (if so, come three days in advance to see what is available) or will we bring our own.

9:44 pm: Jake makes Brianna very angry, again

9:45 pm: Maranda closes with prayer

Discussion for Next Meeting:
– Shelter House Dinner
– Retreat
– Bible Study

Note: For a future meeting (Nov/Dec) TBayDYU should think about the basics of the retreat; prepare paperwork for January.

Sept. 10th 2008
In Attendance:
Brianna L. — Exec/YMC Rep
Sheena L.
Sarah A.
Kayla R.
Jessie S.
John S.
Cora F.
Danielle D. — YMC Secretary
Maranda D.
Vicki O.
Jake R. — T.Bay Rep/YMC

Regrets: Jen (for not being as prepared as she should be)


Bible Study
Church Hop
All Nighter
6 Month Calendar

1. Executive:
Should we continue to have an executive? Last year we had co-chairs, co-vice, communications etc. Laura O. has volunteered to do communications and will phone for events.
Decision: Keep current executive as they were just elected in Jan., zero changes made.

2. Bible Studies
Laura O. is doing some bible studies at St. Thomas’ and is unavailable all the time. Could the DYU help on September 21st run the youth group? Please come for the service and then stay to help with the youth until approx. 2 pm.
Those available:

Kayla, Jessie, Jen, Vicki, Jake (John later?)

3. Nipigon:

Can we go out there? Sheena, Kayla, Maranda, John, Cora, Vicki, Danielle

What should we do? READERS: Maranda, Sarah, Kayla, John, Sheena, Danielle
Children’s talk! Talk to the Nipigon Kids to plan. Maranda is going to get in contact with the Nipigon kids as to what they would like to do during the service, besides the readers.

4. All Nighter
Should we do one in November?

November 28th

Potential Ideas: Fun factor, Ron’s,

Jake will call and get quotes, general information and report back by Sept. 17thso we can get a poster/flyer out for an event by Sept. 21st (before we leave for Synod)

5. Calendar

Putting out a calendar for events up until January

Sept. 10th — DYU Meeting

Sept. 21st — St. Thomas’s — Church Hoping; Youth Group

Sept. 28th — Nipigon — Children’s Focus, Reading

Oct. 1-4th — Electoral Synod; YMC Meeting

Oct. 7th — DYU Meeting — 8-9:30 pm; St. Luke’s? We will meet anywhere, Brianna will call and report back by Sept. 11thOct 18th — Deanery Council @ St. Mike’s

Oct. 19th — St. Luke’s — Church Hoping (^^ what service is recommended?)

Nov. 16th — St. Stephens’ — Church Hoping

Nov. 18th — DYU Meeting — St. Stephen’s 8-9:30

Dec. 13th — Serving dinner at the Shelter House, coffee after

Dec. 14th — St. James — Church Hoping (Danielle is going to call Rev. Nancy about going to church)
Permission slip to be signed for those who are under 18

Jan. 18th — St. Mike’s — Church Hoping

Jan. 20th — DYU Meeting — St. Mike’s

By October meeting, we will have the first couple of chapters of ‘Bad Boys of the Bible’ scanned, and e-mailed (Brianna and Jen)

These bible studies will be done via Facebook, and discussed during scheduled YMC meetings

** Danielle is going to look into serving a dinner at the Shelter House; limit of 15

February, 13/ 2011

DYU Minutes







1.What are we doing this year? Planning/advertising

a.Change the meeting schedule- this is not working for everyone

b.We need more events where there is fun and more spiritual events as well


a.Not on may long- possibly in June

b.One day- not at camp, out in the country, possibly at St. Mark’s / Rosslyn Cora’s house for BBQ/ bonfire- June 4th

c.Bigger retreat in fall

d.Go Friday night over to Sat night- end with a Eucharist/ service with Nancy to wrap things up – then BBQ etc.

e.Themes? – Peace?

3.Ministry at the mall

a.Synod year- makes things tough

b.We still want to do this- we will have hired people

4.What do we want to do?

a.Bible study every week or every second week for two months to see if it works with pizza.


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