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Talk about multi-tasking…

This past weekend (well, more accurately Wednesday – Saturday) voting members of Synod and YMC Reps piled into a van and kicked it down to Sault Ste. Marie. We were all there to take part in our fall Youth Ministry Council meeting and fortunately we were able to work with the elections for a new Bishop of Algoma. Sadie and Brianna, both members of YMC, were there to vote and went through a long day of elections. According to a close friend of fellow YMC’rs, Charles (who is painfully smart), election of a Bishop is often long and complicated in the Diocese of Algoma.                     

Can’t say that I knew that. Can’t really say that many knew that.
I am happy to announce that The Rev. Dr. Stephen Andrews is the Bishop Elect of the Diocese of Algoma. He won’t be moving into the Bishophurst immediately, as he is currently the President and Provost of Thorneloe University and has academic obligations before he is able to begin his new role as leader of our Diocese of Algoma.

This is a short story about the election process and results of Oct. 1st to the 4th from the Anglican Journal.
On behalf of the Thunder Bay Deanery Youth Unit, we wish the Andrews family the best of luck as they begin a new chapter in their lives!